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SP06: Aron Hentschel

SP06: Aron Hentschel | trak_ster presents drums vol. 06

Aron is one of the few drummers I know that takes more of a "questlove" approach to the craft – meaning he is very comftortable just staying in one pocket and making that feel good rather than showing off with loads of virtuosity. He is also a great producer and songwriter and I think that shows in his playing. I had a lot of fun recording these sounds in the Studio, and I hope you will find them as usful as I do!


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SP06 Cover, Image: Arthur Kohlhaas

SP06AH Kit01 111bpm

SP06AH Kit01 63bpm

SP06AH Kit02 78bpm

SP06AH Kit02 129bpm

SP06AH Kit03 126bpm

SP06AH Kit03 90bpm

SP06AH Kit04 123bpm

SP06AH Kit04 69bpm